Community Partners
Founding partners

A tremendous thank you to our founding partners, which offered the Esplanade team a vital support since its very beginning. Esplanade would not have been possible without these organizations.

We also owe a very special thanks to the Institut du Nouveau Monde, which supported the project throughout its incubation phase.

Financial partners

Thanks to the valuable support of our financial partners, Esplanade was able to open its doors on April 13, 2015.

Entrepreneurship development partners

Thanks to our partners for entrepreneurship development, we provide key services to foster and ensure the continued existence of Quebec organizations with significant potential for social impact.

Products and
services partners

Whether it is for designing an inspiring and energizing space or for promoting and fostering social innovation and entrepreneurship, Esplanade is supported by a large network of committed partners. Through their products and services, these partners support both the permanent team and the residents at Esplanade to turn their ambitions into successful ventures.


Esplanade is a member of these organizations